Learning About Tenerife Was Fun

My sister used to be a travel agent, so she gets pretty excited when she finds a place that she wants to visit. When she started looking t Tenerife vacations, she wanted me to go with her for a week of sand, sun and fun. An offer like that is hard to refuse, but I knew next to nothing about this place. I wanted to find out more details before I agreed to go, and that is how I found the Tenerife Forum Island guide online. I knew that it was one of the Canary Islands, but like I said, I did not know much more than that.

This forum opened my eyes to just how beautiful the island is. There are so many pictures and videos of different aspects of the island, and I learned a good bit about the culture there as well as everything that the island offers to tourists and vacationers. I also learned a good bit about the history of the island, and that is what really intrigued me the most. Not only were there posts by people who are familiar with all of these aspects of Tenerife, but there are also comments from people who have been there and experienced some of these things for the first time.

I showed the site to my sister, and she fell even more in love with the idea of both of us going there. When the island comes alive with just pictures and articles, it was hard to disagree with her. We booked our flights and hotel rooms, and we tried to be patient until we got there. Once there, all I can say is that everything we saw and read did not do the island enough justice, because it is simply beautiful. I have a feeling we will be going back within the next year or so!

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