Can Am Commander Snorkel Kit

The Can Am Commander is a favorite among mudders all over the Southwest. Unfortunately, some newbies learn the hard way that you’ve got to snorkel your air intake and CVT intake and exhaust system.  Flooding the air intake or CVT will ruin your day and your warranty, and although the installation of a snorkel may void your vehicle’s warranty, the chance of detroying your motor is nearly 100% if you go deep in a bog.  There are several quality kits available on the market for the Commander, the following are a few of our favorites.

Snorkel Your ATV is maybe the best known snorkel company for ATVs and UTVs alike. Their Commander snorkel kit fits 2011-2013 800/1000 models. The air intake is up front and high to keep it out of the drink. All of their snorkels are 2″ pipe the whole way through.  It is constructed of 98% hard pipe, and the snorkel kit’s joint connections are heavy duty rubber boots. The kit also raises the breathing points and vent lines up high.  This provides the best protection from mud and water. The kit includes snorkel guard water-repellant tips that function as pre-filters. The Commander’s dump bed still tilts with this snorkel kit installed.

Gorilla axles is best known for their heavy duty axles and lift kits, and their Gorilla Axle Edition Snorkel Kits are made with the same heavy duty attitude.  The kits include complete installation instructions and every kit is designed and tested not to use zero FLEX HOSE. Gorilla admits that snorkel kits are only as good as the installer, and they make no implied warranty on Gorilla Axle Edition Snorkel Kits.  All of their kits are non-refundable SO YOU CAN’T DESIGN YOUR OWN AND RETURN THEIRS. For Gorillas Axles’ complete line of Can Am Commander accessories,

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